Altar Server Ministry

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Altar servers assist the priest at Mass as well as enhance the celebration by leading the various processions:  entrance, gospel, and recessional.  Some servers also serve as thurifers who handle the incense on solemn occasions. 

Youth Servers

Altar servers serve the congregation, the priests and one another in celebrating the Mass. By learning to be an altar server, young people provide vital assistance to the church. They learn to respect God’s church but also learn to respect themselves. It also is a fulfilling way to start a lifetime of service to God, his church and his people.

Grades 4 and up! Any boy or girl who meets the age (10) and/or grade requirement and has received their First Communion can become an altar server. Regular attendance at church, an ability to make a commitment and a family that values worshipping together in the community are all required elements of a successful server. Altar serving is an important and necessary job. It builds character and requires making a commitment. Altar serving promotes responsibility, accountability, leadership and above all, teamwork.

Flexibility!  We understand that families with children have challenging schedules. Our program offers parents the opportunity to select the weekends and mass times they want their children to serve. Servers can be scheduled with friends or siblings, and if necessary, will have the ability to switch masses by swapping shifts with other altar servers. 

Adult Servers

Adult servers occasionally serve weekday and weekend Masses and at major parish celebrations (for example:  Christmas, Easter, Confirmation, etc.)  Please note that adult volunteers are required to attend a Protecting God’s Children workshop and complete a volunteer background check as required by the Diocese.

Please consider joining us in this ministry!

If you have questions, please contact the coordinator of the Altar Server Ministry, Cathy Hickman at 630-532-8599.