Finance Council

The purpose of the Parish Finance Council is to aid the Pastor in the administration of parish goods, realizing that the Pastor is ultimately responsible - both in civil and Church realms - for all legal, business, and administrative matters of the parish. 

Our Parish Finance Council accomplishes this in three particular ways:

  • monthly meetings to discuss the financials of the parish,
  • annual assistance in preparation of the parish budget, and
  • consultative discussion with the Pastor on matters of major financial impact upon the parish. 

Membership of the Council is attained by appointment of the Pastor and all registered parishioners are eligible for appointment. In particular, members are sought to represent all aspects of the parish, while also bringing particular administrative and/or financial background to the council.  Members serve three-year terms.

Current Members:  Father Mark Rosenbaum; Lori Bhardwaj, Office Manager; Phil Duncan, Tom Hurt, Jerry Ignatius, Ken Calendo, Mayra Loeza, Jan Connick.

St. John the Apostle 2022-2023 Financial Report

St. John the Apostle 2021-2022 Financial Report