The Bereavement Ministry is a ministry of consolation consisting of: Funeral Liturgy preparation, presence at the wake or funeral, and reaching out with a letter of consolation for those in our parish community who have experienced loss through death. Members also help to plan the Mass of Remembrance held on/near All Souls' Day.  

Bereavement Ministry Coordinator:  Ginger Herring, 630-833-2944



The Catholic Funeral Mass brings hope and consolation to the living. The Funeral Liturgy and the Rite of Committal ultimately serve to root the difficult experience of the death of a loved one in a Christian understanding of life, death, and what happens after death, focusing on both the person who has died and the people who have been left behind.

On behalf of our parish, we offer our condolences on the death of your loved one. Be assured of our prayers for them and for you.  Our Bereavement Team is prepared to assist you in planning a reverent Funeral Mass (with the casket or urn present) or Memorial Mass (no casket, no urn).

Often funeral arrangements are made for the family by their chosen funeral director. If a funeral director is not contracted, family members may contact the Parish Office at 630-279-7404.  Funerals are usually celebrated on weekday or Saturday mornings at 10:00 or 11:00 am.


A member of the Bereavement Ministry will contact the family of the deceased regarding the funeral liturgy planning. The priest who presides at the funeral liturgy is to be consulted regarding all the details of the Mass including the choice of Scripture readings. Deacons may preside at wakes and cemetery burials. 


The Church asks that the cremated remains of the individual be buried or interred as soon as possible after the Mass. They are not to be scattered or kept in the family home, funeral home or separated into multiple urns. Cremated remains are given the same respect as the body they were. 

The funeral fee is $300.00:  $150.00 for the organist, $150.00 payable to St. John the Apostle Church. 

Checks are usually presented by your chosen funeral director.