Safe Environment

Volunteer Requirements

To serve as an adult volunteer at St. John the Apostle, the following requirements must be met:

  • Attend a Protecting God’s Children Class (register online at 
  • Complete a Volunteer Background Check Release Form
  • Sign an Acknowledgement Form for reception of Diocesan Policies
  • Complete a Volunteer Application Form

Minors (under 18) who want to serve as volunteers must complete the Application Form for Minors Serving as Volunteers.

Additional information and forms are available from Dolly Foley, Parish Safe Environment Coordinator. 




Out of concern for the safety and well-being of children, every diocesan, parish, school or religious education employee or volunteer who is involved with minors on a regular, recurring basis and those who may have an opportunity to be alone with children during parish, school or religious education sponsored events, are required to attend a Virtus Protecting God’s Children program.

Of all the safe environment programs available, Protecting God's Children was selected for the Joliet Diocese. It was determined to be the best possible program primarily because it is comprehensive, professional and appealing.

To register and see workshop schedule, go to Choose View workshops/Diocese of Joliet to register.