The Synodal Church - “Be heard. We are better together!” 

The aim of the Synod is to discern how we are “living the faith”.

Are we as a Church, achieving this together? Or are we divided on issues which inhibit unity in the Church? Where do we need to come together? 

Thank you to those who answered the survey honestly and openly!

Your responses are contributing to a growing base of knowledge which will provide clarity and alignment of the church’s mission on a host of topics that effect the parishes, schools, social services, individuals, family, and community.

Our parish response document was submitted to the Diocese before the May 1 deadline. Please click on the link below to read the document.

St. John the Apostle Parish Synodal Response



For more information on the synod process, please refer to our diocesan website. 

The Parish Focus Group will summarize the Synod survey responses more specific to our parish. This summary will then be submitted to the Pastor and Parish Council.

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