Grade 6 Information, Assignments, and More...

Grade 6 Assignments for January 25

Homework 1:  Read Session 8 pages 31-34

Complete "Trusting God through it All" on page 32 and "Exploring the Ten Commandments" page 33

Homework 2:  Read Session 9 pages 35-38

Tell me what three (3) important things you do every day.  Why are they important?

Write a Prayer of Forgiveness.  Be creative, make it as long or short as you desire.

Homework 3:  Read Session 10 pages 39-42

What are 3 ways you can share the Advent Season with others?

Homework 4:  Read Session 13 page 52 to 55.  Name 3 things you like about our Catholic religion and 3 things you don't like about our religion. Be ready to discuss and review. Due at our next in-person class on March 8.


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