Messages and Reflections from our Pastor


Easter 2022 Thank You

Again, A Blessed and Happy Easter to you and your families!!!

I continue to keep you in my prayers for your holiness and health and those of your loved ones.  I just wanted to offer a quick thank-you to all those who have helped us prepare for and offer our sacred liturgies and the work in our parishes.  From the volunteers, the music, the decorations, the outreach etc.   Also, a thank you to those who gave me gifts at Easter. 

We keep our prayers upon those who have received and are preparing to receive their Sacraments in these days.  I offer praise to God for each one of you who says ‘yes’ to His gifts and graces.  Blessings upon those who continue to make themselves present for our Masses, whether physically here or from home.  A final’ thank you’ to those who have continue to offer their financial support for one another. 

I give thanks to God every day for placing me in such wonderful parishes with such wonderful and faithful people. 

In the offerings of Christ,

Fr. Rosenbaum


Easter Message 2022

Dear family and friends of St. Alexander and St. John the Apostle. 

A Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your families!!!  Easter is the highest celebration of the year for us as Catholics.  I am certainly overjoyed again to be celebrating these Sacred mysteries with people this year after having gone through the pandemic shutdown on Easter two years ago with none of my parishioners present.  I give thanks to God for every face I see and that we have weathered this challenge to our faith, as every generation, all of God’s children and disciples have faced challenges in their own time. 

Easter is the time that we recall God’s faithfulness to His covenant with us, His faithfulness to His love for us, His faithfulness to His relationship with us.  Jesus Christ has won the victory, the victory over death.  And so, in unison, the Church shouts its communal ‘Alleluia, Alleluia’ at this time of year.  May the Lord continue to bless our perseverance in our faith.  Blessings upon those who have returned and I want to thank all who have participated from home as well for our parishes.  I will continue to keep you all in my prayers, that the blessings of God be upon us at all times. 

Alleluia!!!!, Alleluia!!!!  He is Risen, He is truly Risen.

Fr. Rosenbaum


March 2022    

Greetings in the Lord,

            I pray that our Lenten season has been and will be fruitful in the graces of God and in our faith in His Divine Providence.  I just wanted to offer a quick reflection on the veiling of images and statues during the season of Lent.  Towards the end of Lent, the Church calls us to reflect more and more upon the Passion of our Lord, His offering upon the Cross and into death for us. 

            The veiling of the image and crosses is a devotion that strikes at our hearts.  The Church provides this veiling as a devotion found in the ORDO, which is the liturgical guide for our diocese of Joliet, and in the Roman Missal, which is the book that I use for the prayers at Mass. 

            The veiling of the images and statues remind us that our sin keeps us veiled from the Glory of God to be revealed in the Resurrection.  The Lord’s Paschal Mystery restores humanity to the Divinity of God.  All three of the Synoptic Gospels as they are called (Matthew, Mark and Luke), make mention, immediately following the death of Jesus, of the veil in the temple being torn asunder or split in two, a veil which separated mankind from the Holy of Holies in the Temple.

            We look forward with eager hearts to the offering of Our Lord, especially the Paschal Mystery.  Without the offering of Christ, without His entering into humanity, without His offering upon the cross, we don’t have the saints, we don’t have the heavenly, we don’t enter into the Glory of God.  If the offering of Christ is veiled, then all is veiled.   This veiling helps to communicate this spiritual and physical aspect of our relationship with God and His great love for us.  He comes to restore what has been veiled through sin. 

            So, if the veiling of the images and statues are disturbing, they should be.  We should look eagerly to the unveiling of all that Christ has gained through His offering of love for us.  And continue to rejoice in what the heart of Christ rejoices.  The full revelation of the Father’s Glory and Love in all humanity and all creation. 

With prayers and blessings,

Fr. Rosenbaum