Posted on: September 13, 2018

Parish Picnic Thanks

Thanks for making our St. John and St. Alexander Parishes Picnic so great!  Congratulations to the raffle winners!  Donations and raffle proceeds allowed us to offer food and beverages at no charge! 

Thank you to the…

Young adults who staffed our children’s tent and entertained an active group

Band for the lively music

Hispanic Folklore Dancers

St. John’s CCW

St. Alexander’s CCW

St. John’s Holy Name Society

Knights of Columbus

Food and Beverage Donors

Dessert Donors

Raffle Prize Donors

Raffle Ticket Purchasers

Cash Donors

Volunteers who helped with setup, cleanup, grilling, serving, trash, and whatever other jobs they were needed for.

A big thank you to Fred Schwardt, our parish picnic chairperson, for organizing the event.

Father Rosenbaum